Hey you! I see you, doing #allthethings

This life as a small business is fun right? 

But holy moly, sometimes it's a little crazy to be/do/learn all the things.

I get you. I'm in your same boat.

The thing is, when it comes to marketing, sales, and photography, I'm in my happy place.

But I'm guessing, when you think about those things, you utter a little sigh of ...bleh. 

Am I right?

You'd so rather be doing other things in your  biz (except accounting... no one wants to do that am I right??!)

But I'd love to help you.

I'd love to show up in your inbox once every week or two with some practical marketing and photography tips for you, the small business owner who is doing #allthethings.

I share actionable tips with you that you can implement and move on to what you really want to be doing... your craft.

So, just sign up below and I'll be seeing you in your inbox soon!


Practical Marketing and Photography Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur