what is a brand photo shoot?

You keep hearing me talk about a branding photo shoot and the value of having great images for your business right? But, at the end of the day, you still don’t know what a branding photo shoot looks like and how it could relate to your business. Am I right?

So let me help explain it.

A branding photoshoot is a photo shoot with the intention of getting specific images of you, your biz, your products or services that speak to your ideal client.

Images that will connect with them and make them automatically think “yes this is for me.”

With the internet being the first impression that your company will make on someone more often than not, it’s important your initial impression impresses the crap out of them and convinces them to stick around. You have mere seconds of their time to get them interested in landing on your site, your FB page or your Instagram feed. The fastest way to impress is to have imagery that connects with them! So that is why having custom images make a difference.

The point is to have image content that is totally custom tailored to what you do and what will attract your client base. Instantly!


So how do we find out just what will attract your ideal clients? 

  1. We get together for coffee and chat about your business as it is today. Where are you at, where you want to be and what you feel is working vs not working. We go over who your business currently attracts and make sure that is the type of client you want to be attracting. Then we look through your website and social platforms to see what you have been creating and showing and talk about what type of images would be best to add to your collection (or replace your collection if all you’ve been doing is iPhone snaps.)
  2. We’ll decide what package you need for your business and decide on how far out we should plan so that you can prep and get any props/products/plans ready.
  3. Then I have you create an inspiration board on Pinterest. Keep in private and pin the type of images that you like, that you think would attract your clientele and share it with me so we can brainstorm together! While we don’t want to copy what others are doing, Pinterest is a great platform to do a new school version of a vision board and get inspiration about the looks that you like and the looks that you don’t.
  4. We may even have you send out a questionnaire to your current customer base and ask them what they want to see more of. How you can connect more with them. Even with a small base, if you get a handful of responses, it can be enlightening to see what and where your base wants more info about!
  5. After we have brainstormed and we know exactly what we are wanting to shoot, you’ll pick up any props you may want for the shoot and we will put a date on the calendar. We will have a list of types of images that are important and we will then shoot! 
  6. Afterwards, you’ll get to see the final gallery and choose the images you want and you’ll get to download them and start using them!

Every step of the way is intentional so that you walk away with the exact type of images you want to use and that will attract the right people!

I also schedule time after the shoot to get together with you and teach you some tips on how to create images from your phone that will be higher quality than what you may have been doing before. Because, I want you to succeed, and you won’t always be able to have me creating images right when you need them. I’ll help you understand how to be a better picture taker so that you can create some of your own images.

Now start brainstorming with our Brand Planning Guide free below: