should your face be the face of your business

Do you have a creative business or a business where you will be the one working closely with your clients?

Will you have one on ones, or spend many hours with your client during the job? If find yourself nodding your head in agreement here, you should probably consider making yourself more front and center on your website and social presence.

If you look back at your website, blog and social feeds, and you can't ever see photos of you doing your thang then you may want to stop and think about this for a while.

People want to connect with people, not products or services. And while the products and services you provide can be provided by scores of other companies just a quick Google search away, if your potential client connects with you as a person, they will have no reason to open their app up and start googling because they will be invested in you!

 Why you should be the face of your business #branding #business #marketing #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingtips #brandingtips 

Why you should be the face of your business #branding #business #marketing #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingtips #brandingtips 

So take a look at your online presence and make sure your face is there. Show the behind the scenes. See images of you at work. Tell a funny story that helps see you as a person and not so much as a company.

Speaking of stories, let me tell you one. It's one of me as a wedding photographer showing all the pretty things and pretty photos on my site. I had a quick about me page, but it was... meh. I paid attention to all the old school marketing techniques saying you should have a professional appeal on your site, and basically that your personality is just a distraction. "Let the work speak for itself" they said. And I listened. I mean, these guys had books and books saying the same thing, so they must be right.

I had all the pretty photos, I shared blog posts from past weddings and portrait sessions. I had a good FAQ page. 

I had crossed all my Ts and dotted all my Is.

But the inquiries weren't coming in. And when they did, it came down to the potential client wanted to know about price and that's all they cared about.

why you should be the face of your business.jpg

And you know why? Because I didn't give them anything else they could grab onto to care about. I looked like every other wedding photographers website out there, and to their eye, it all looked the same, so at the end of the day, price wins.

You never want to be so interchangeable that price is all that matters.

So, I started including more of me in website. More personality and quirks. More stories about who I am and who I love to work with. I started showing people the person who was going to spend the day with them on their wedding day. I started sharing my love of Oreos and my inability to say the right words, and do you know what started happening?

My inquiries started coming in more, and when couples would email, they would be talking to me, mentioning Oreos or sunshine or one of the other things I had shared. They were reaching out to me and already feeling a connection to me, and my bookings went up as well as the types of clients I started getting were those awesome clients I dreamed of having.

And it all started with just putting a little bit more of myself out there for people to see. I let my face be the face of my business, and who would have guessed it, but people loved it!