Hey there! I'm Becca. A business obsessed, bossmom with a slight Oreo addiction...


I’m here to help

creative businesses succeed

and connect

by differentiating you

through brand photography and marketing.


It's hard to create connection in our fast paced, constantly scrolling society; and yet we crave it more and more.


Success happens when we harness connection with people and let them in to see that we are unique and why they want to work with us. 

Seattle Branding Photographer Rebecca Ellison at home with her family.


As a creative, who you are is very important to your customer experience. Get in front of the camera, and stop hiding behind your work, helps slow the scroll and inspires people to look around longer. We help craft a story that’s deeper than the service you provide and is more about who you are and why you do this business in the first place.


When you have professional branded images, it elevates your brand and how you are perceived, and results in the ability to create connection and raise your prices.


So, what else about me? Well, when I am not at my computer, writing content and listening to podcasts with a heater at my feet, I’m creating images for my branding clients and my summer Saturdays are spent photographing weddings for spectacular couples and sneaking Oreos when my kids backs are turned.


I juggle that elusive “work/life balance” of being a solopreneur with being a wife to Pete (12 years strong!) and mom to Scarlett (4) and Lincoln (7). I use ample amounts of coffee, beer and Oreos to cope with #allthethings I have to do on a daily basis, and usually fall asleep by 9pm while attempting to watch a show on the couch with Pete. #reallife


I'm known for my tendency to malapropism (the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect). I once told a friend that someone look emancipated when I meant emaciated... but that's okay as Ive gotten accustomed to laughing at myself.
 I'm likely to share my Oreos, and I really love helping creative businesses stand out from the crowd and get clients they really love.

So, can I help you too?


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 Core values for Rebecca Ellison Photography and Brand Your Small Business are : being helpful, nurturing success, goals driven, creative storytelling, sharing knowledge, building relationships, and stratgic planning

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